Industry standard sizes

Genre, cost, design, distribution - all these factors influence book size. Here is our guide to help you choose the best dimensions for your print projects.


Standard A sizes

We offer standard A sizes for most of our products, including a range of popular formats (see right). And if you cannot see the size you want to print in the drop-down menu on our Instant Price Calculator, contact us, and we can give you a FREE quote for your custom-sized prints.

Standard 'A' paper sizes from A0 - A6

Product sizes

Some print products have specific size guidelines. For example, many choose to print Magazines at A4, Flyers at A5 or DL, and Poster prints are typically A3, but you can select a bigger size. Items like Comic Books have their own standard sizes, such as US Standard.


In the table (right), we listed some of our most popular printed items and sizes. But our Instant Price Calculator offers more size options, so please visit our product pages to see the full range.



ProductCommon sizes
MagazinesA4, A5
BrochuresA4, A5
Comic booksUS Standard
PostersA0, A1, A2, A3
Flyers and leafletsA5, DL, DL Long


Book sizes

The size of your book is a subtle way of helping your readers understand what kind of book you published. Paperback Books and Hardcover Books have their particular range of print sizes. If you cannot decide which book size to print, you should choose a standard A size.

For more information about measuring a book for print, read this guide.





SizeWidth (mm)Height (mm)
US Royal152229
Square - 210210210