How To Print Multiple Designs

Here's how to print your artwork across more than one item.

How To Create a Multi-Part Order

A multi-part order allows you to add more than one quantity of prints to a single order. All items will be sent to production simultaneously with the same dispatch date where possible. Our Instant Quote Calculator provides one quote per artwork; you cannot print different items for one price.

To start a multi-part order, choose your first item from the menu or use the search bar at the top of the website to locate an item. Enter your specifications into the Calculator and click ‘Add to Cart’. A summary will appear in your Shopping Cart (right), and you can repeat the process until you have all the items you want to print in your Cart. The items you add will remain in your Cart unless you delete them or click ‘Save & Start A New Quote’, which allows you to adjust the specifications before adding the same item again.


Scenario 1

I want 20 prints with one design.

Use our Instant Price Calculator and adjust your print specifications for your free quote. Once you're happy with your quote and estimated delivery date, click Add to Cart - you now have one product in one order. You can then click Continue to upload your files.


Scenario 2

I want 20 prints in total with 4 designs.

You need to order 5 lots an item for your 4 artwork files. Go to the relevant product page page, get a quote for 5 copies for one design and add it to your Cart. Click the 'Duplicate' button in your Shopping Cart to create the exact specifications again. Alternatively, click on Products in the Navigation bar, select the required item, or search for it in the search bar and enter your specifications in the Instant Quote Calculator. You can then click 'Add to Cart' again. Repeat this process until all required items are in your Shopping Cart, then click 'Continue' to begin uploading your files.


Scenario 3

I have 1 design, and I want to print it on 3 different prints.

Select the item you want to order, and once you've added a quote to your Cart, you can recommence the same ordering process for the 2 remaining products. All 3 items will appear together in one order summary. Click Continue, and you can upload your artwork files for each item.



The only exceptions to the multiple artworks rule are our variant and sketch covers for Comic Books and Graphic Novels. A variant cover is an issue of a Comic or Graphic Novel that we print using your cover art. To find out more about variant and sketch covers, click here.

One exception to keep in mind