Cloth book covers

A classic cloth cover adds a timeless style to your book. Combined with foil stamping and debossing, then wrapped in a vibrant dust jacket, we can help you to create a premium limited edition of your book.


Cloth covers

Cloth cover books were commonplace in the 1800s. Today they hold sense of tradition and heritage which makes these books perfect for special editions of regular hardback books.

Our cloth covers are available in a wide range of rich vintage colours, allowing you to coordinate the design of your book with a dust jacket and a choice of foiling.

Creating a print ready file for a cloth cover book is simple. Just follow the instructions for our casebound books.

How to print a hardback book

Cloth cover book with silver foiling
Cloth cover book with silver foiling


Because of their unique texture, cloth covers cannot be printed on. Instead, we use foil stamping to deboss lettering, logos and simple designs into the cover.

Combined with a richly coloured cloth cover, the gold foiling creates a wonderful feeling of heritage and authority.

To achieve this effect, you will need to supply an additional casebound cover file with the areas for foiling marked out.

Foil stamping set up guide

Gold foiling on a cloth cover book
Gold foiling on a cloth cover book

Dust jackets

Originally used to protect cloth cover books in the 1800s, dust jackets really enhance the presentation of your book, while allowing you to provide more information on the flaps that fold around the covers.

Creative designers also like to continue elements from their dust jacket on to the cloth cover of their book in gold foil, including lettering, logos and other small details.

Dust jackets are printed on a single sheet of paper with flaps designed to wrap around the cover of your book. They are always gloss or matt laminated and may also feature metallic foiling.

To create your own dust jacket print files, follow our simple instructions or download a dust jacket template from our helpful guide.

Dust jacket set up guide

Cloth cover book with a dust jacket
Cloth cover book with a dust jacket