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There’s something special about flipping through a catalogue. From circling products you like, to folding over pages for friends and family, it feels a little more personal than the endless tapping, swiping, and scrolling associated with online shopping.

Give your customer a catalogue worth browsing by choosing from our wide range of cover styles and finishes, paper types and weights, trim sizes, and binding options.

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Catalogue sizes available

Size Width (mm) Height (mm)
A4 210 297
A5 148 210
A6 105 148
A7 74 105
DL 99 210
Square - 210 210 210
Square - 148 148 148
Square - 120 120 120
Square - 105 105 105
Custom size 105 297
Custom size 210 280

Binding options available

Paper weight
80, 90gsm 115, 120gsm 130gsm 150gsm 170gsm 200gsm
Stapled bound 8 - 80 pages 8 - 80 pages 8 - 64 pages
Perfect bound 44 - 400 pages 40 - 400 pages 36 - 400 pages

Paper types available

  • Matt/Silk
  • Gloss
  • Uncoated

Mixam is rated Excellent on

4.8 out of 5, based on 3088 reviews.
7 hours ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
We are delighted with the books. Perfect job done and would recommend to anyone. It was tricky to get things uplifted but with their help made it straight forward once we knew what we had to do. Thanks to Ninebarrow for their advice on where to go for this printing task.
1 day ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
excellent service, well printed, on time
1 day ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
My only 'complaint' had nothing to do with Mixam but everything to do with BREXIT and postage!!! When the book got to Ireland I tracked the package and saw a message that I (the recipient) had declined the parcel - I had not even know it had arrived. The reason was that TAX was due and no one had informed me how much was due and how I should pay it. The book for which you charged £23 ended up costing me £23+£39.80 postage+€11.34 tax - a very expensive purchase!!!!
4 days ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
perfect! and quick.
5 days ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
These people can just never be bettered for quality and speed of turnaround. If you need to check anything the staff are super helpful too.
5 days ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
The review is based on just one A5 zine I've had produced by the company. The first important fact to note is their amazingly low price point. My regular printers quote was £250 for the same 100 copies that Mixam did for around £50 all in. That's ridiculously cheap. Yet their results aren't cheap. Far from it. The zine was mainly B&W and at first I was quite concerned that the black weren't truly black so I phoned them to chat about it and had a really good in depth conversation with someone who really knew what they were talking about. And I learned a few things. First, make sure your images are placed into your design software (I use Adobe Indesign) as CMYK, not as tif like I did. And make sure your blacks are really black if you want to reproduce them that way. Also, rather than printing B&W pages (which I erroneously thought would produce a better B&W zine) print in full colour. That way you get a richer, deeper black. My usual printers also told me the same. So, the upshot is I've discarded my first attempt cos I don't think the blacks are deep enough but I'm re-doing my own design taking into account Mixam's suggestions and having the zine re-printed. So, hopefully the next version will be 5 star. Top quality customer support and great attitude.
6 days ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
The product was in good shape and of very high quality
6 days ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
A tight deadline which Mixam hit. April was particularly helpful. Thanks Gerald
7 days ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
I found the Mixam 'team' helpful and quick with their responses. I needed a large Graphic Novel printed in full colour (no easy task) and was amazed how speedy and thorough they were. Plus, the quality of the printing was excellent as was the price. I have no problem recommending them. Wendy Giblin
1 week ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
Very delightful and pleasing experience using Mixam, from using the website to upload files through to delivery of the printed product.
1 week ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
Excellent! I have been buying from these guys for a while now and I’ve only had 1 issue with my most recent print. When I contacted Cat at Mixam, it was quickly dealt with, reprinted and sent out within all within 3 days. Excellent service!
1 week ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
Excellent company to deal with. Great, helpful customer service people. Good quality printing. Speedy delivery. I will be using them again.
1 week ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
So happy with my order- the quality is amazing! Delivery was great and fast and communication from the Mixam team was excellent
2 weeks ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
I was surprised and very pleased with the quality of printing by Mixam of my photo book on France. And the price was far lower than other options I had explored in the USA and Italy. Finally, the platform for uploading the specifications and print file for the book were easy even for a non-techie such as myself. For all these reasons, Mixam gets my highest rating, and I fully intend to use their service again.
2 weeks ago [Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
The service was a little slower this time, but the quality of the finished goods far outweighs that. I guessed they were busier. The staff are very friendly, albeit over electronic communications, I've never spoken to anyone on the phone. It would be nice to have all of the paper options in the web UI, as otherwise I have to ask for my specific paper to be changed, with additional costs. The costs don't bother me, it's purely for convenience. I must say that these are minor things, and I will be using Mixam again soon. It's good to have a trusted supplier of our products. Well done Team Mixam.
Info for file setup

Catalogue Print File Setup

How to upload your files
You can upload your files in a way that suits you - as single pages or spreads, individual files for each page, or as a single combined file.
Important - your cover
Your cover is made up of four pages - a front cover, an inside front cover, a back cover, and an inside back cover.
We ask for a 3mm bleed on all catalogues. Please do not include any important content within this area.
The available binding options are: saddle stitching (stapled) or perfect binding.
Please note:
These available binding options are entirely dependent upon the number of pages and paper weight selected for your order. This is because there comes a point where the combined paper thickness is too much to effectively staple or stitch together, and will instead need to be held together by adhesive (otherwise known as ‘perfect binding’).

The opposite is true if there are too few pages for perfect binding to work. Our dynamic ordering system is smart enough to know when a limit has been reached, and will automatically switch to the required binding option.

Spine (for Perfect Binding)
If you choose perfect binding you have the option to upload the spine as a separate print file. The spine depth is calculated and displayed in the shopping cart. If you do not upload a print file for your spine it will be left blank.
The spine will also need a 3mm bleed at the top and bottom.
Completing your order
Before you can complete your order, you must make sure all page placeholders have been completed. For example, if you are ordering 32 pages, all 32 boxes must be filled. If you do not have enough content, you must add blank pages.