How To Measure a Book for Printing

Found the perfect size book and want to make your own? Read our quick and easy guide to measuring book dimensions.

Measuring your Book

In this guide, we'll help you measure a portrait book. 

You will need:

  • A book you want to measure
  • A long ruler
  • A sturdy, flat object
  • A flat surface to work on

Step 1: Minimise Movement

Lay your book on a sturdy and level surface. We suggest measuring the longest side of your book first.

Step 2: Measure the Width

Place your ruler down on the flat surface along the long edge of your book. Next, measure the short edge of your ruler against the object, with the long edge flush against the bottom of your book.

Step 3: Measure the Height

Rotate your book 90 degrees and line up your ruler with the short edge on the level surface. Then place it against the object, with the long edge flush against the bottom of your book.

Our Instant Price Calculator will automatically calculate how much your project will cost. Our Calculator will also give you your spine width, which will be determined by the paper thickness and the number of pages. You can view the spine measurement in your Shopping Cart and the Artwork Dashboard.

Measuring the width of a book
Measuring the height of a book

Always measure to the nearest millimetre. For example, on Hardcover Books, the measurements are about 3mm past the book block (interior pages) on each side. So, for example, an A4, 210mm x 297mm book cover would be approximately 216mm x 303mm.


Common Book Sizes

You may find the book size you want is one of many industry standard sizes (although some popular books, like Penguin Classics, are specific sizes, too).

If you cannot find the book measurements you need from our drop-down menu, all you need to do is order a custom size, which you can enter by clicking the red Custom size button on our Instant Price Calculator. We'll then give you a bespoke quote and an estimated delivery date in seconds.