How to Count Leaves, Sides and Pages

Here is our quick and easy guide to help you figure out the differences between leaves, sides and pages - because technical jargon shouldn't get in the way of you getting the best prints possible.

What are Leaves?

A leaf, or leaves, are sheets of paper in a publication.

A leaf, or leaves, are sheets of paper in a publication

What is a Side?

A side refers to a printed page.

A side refers to a printed page

What is a Page?

One page represents one side of a sheet of paper. One side of the leaf is one page, and the other side is another page.

So if you opt for single-sided printing, one side counts as one page. If you select double-sided printing (i.e. you want your work printed on the front and back of a single leaf), then that will count as two pages or two sides.

A page is represented by the side of a sheet of paper

How Do I Count Them In My Project?

Simply count the number of sides (pages) in your project and use this as the number to enter on our Instant Price Calculator. Another method is to remember that the number of leaves will be half the number of printed sides, so take this number and double it.

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